Redtube and Xvideos against trafficking of human beings

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, San Diego University and New York University presented a digital tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Bitcoin transaction addresses to combat trafficking in human beings at the conference on Discovery of Knowledge and Data Mining 2017, held in Canada recently. Through the publication “Backpage and Bitcoin: The Discovery of Trafficking in Human Beings” (Backpage and Bitcoin: Uncovering the Human Traffickers), a group of five researchers, led by Dr. Rebecca Portnoff of the University of Berkeley, unveiled a project that could put an end to the sexual exploiters (nothing to do with who use the Internet and bitcoin to attract clients.

The proposed mechanism consists of two parts. The first filters out style similarities between sexual service ads that are posted on pages like Backpage, Craigslist and even the popular social networking site, Facebook. We highly to recommend to visit instead. Normally, advertisements that contain a related way of offering services from the world’s oldest occupation are usually networks of trafficking in women forced for such purposes.

At least 30 killed people in Yemen due to bombing

Saudi Arabia carried out a bombing in Yemen that left at least 14 dead, including children, as part of its continuing attacks on the Arab country. The Saudi Arabian-led coalition admitted Saturday that it “mistakenly” carried out a bombing in Yemen that left at least 14 civilians dead. Saudi Arabia informed that during the bombing in the Yemeni capital, Saná, a “technical error” occurred, which they realized after carrying out an investigation. They also regretted the civilian casualties caused by the “accident involving no fault” and extended their condolences to the families of the deceased.

Why the threats against pornstar Mia Khalifa?

Lebanon does not accept that Mia Khalifa has become one of the most popular stars of world pornography. The 21-year-old actress is one of the most threatened people in her home country. “Indigna and sexual object” are the mildest qualifications that the young woman has received through social networks like Some insults have become death threats and are reaching levels of terrorist intent. Khalifa was born in Beirut, but is a resident of Miami, USA), where his parents emigrated 11 years ago.

Mia Khalifa rose to fame after becoming the most sought-after actress on the PornHub website. Its detractors and defenders have made it famous for “threatening” traditional taboos. The more conservative criticize her for the use of the hijab (Islamic veil that covers the face of women) when she acts in while bragging about her tattoos in Arabic and her Lebanese origins, which many Internet users consider an offense for her country.

Reactions against the murders in Barcelona

The taxi drivers in Barcelona turned up with the people who lived the attack on La Rambla. They did not charge those who took taxis near the attack. Cabify also offered its services free of charge throughout the day in Barcelona. Likewise, in the public transport network of the Catalan capital, passengers were not asked for tickets.

El porno español es solidario

Aunque pueda parecer que la industria pornográfica es banal y solo busca acumular riqueza, no es así. La pornografía española hace una labor social ayudando a todas aquellas personas que, por una razón o por otra, no tienen la posibilidad de llevar a cabo una vida sexual plena y placentera, de manera que tienen que recurrir a alternativas para que eso no les afecte negativamente en su día a día.

También hay enfermos que recurren al dr porno español para tratar sus adicciones o enfermedades, puesto que si se canaliza de manera correcta, los materiales eróticos pueden sentar muy bien e incluso sanar. Simplemente hay que darle una vuelta de tuerca y recurrir a las mejores páginas con este tipo de contenidos, ya que es cierto que no todo el monte es orégano y, como en cualquier sector, hay un poco de todo.

Not sharing with the poor is like stealing from them

Not all the money from tax havens, fortunately, has as dark an origin as others. But it is a clear injustice that those who have more pay less than those who have less. The capital market is global, we need some form of global governance. At the moment, the efforts of the G20 to avoid bank secrecy have not borne fruit. A high percentage of world wealth does not tax. Not even the European Union has a common list of tax havens.

Pope Francis quoted a few weeks ago a phrase of St. John Chrysostom: “not sharing the goods with the poor means robbing them.” The sentence is a rabid current when talking about tax evasion, because taxes help the poor to be less poor, to evade them is to steal the poor.

Porn and poverty: the case of Venezuela

The most recent statistics correspond to YouHub, a porn site that points out that each of four curious who peek up pornographic channels, is a woman. Although currently, women are still a minority, the web notes that the percentage is minimal and it is interesting to note that now women are not so shy and give vent to their imagination.

But it is also true that in terms of porn actresses, many Venezuelans who resort to this way of life come from environments with economic problems, so uqe becomes a way to earn money fast. In addition to checking that the webs are more women, the site was responsible for conducting a survey on the number of times you see porn in sir porno gratis. The final conclusions indicate that 18% of the 24 thousand women who participated, said they saw pornography daily; While 10% said they saw it more than once a day.

How NGOs spend your money on marketing

Today I share with you something that I discovered and that has left me impacted. Médecins Sans Frontières, Aid in Action, Médecins du Monde, Save the Children, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Action Against Hunger, Plan, Unicef, Anesvad … the list is endless. All these NGOs (and a few others) are spending their money on marketing. And even worse: in general expenses. Wages, go. Instead of dedicating your donation in full to the causes, they spend it in bullshit …

Do you think it’s a scandal? Allow me another question, and we go into the details: Do you think that NGOs are important to change the world? If you answer yes, accompany me to question many stupid beliefs that prevent solidarity from growing.

The problem of exploitation of minors

highlight human trafficking

More than 300,000 children are drugged, physically abused and forced to beg on the streets of India every day, victims of a million dollar industry controlled by human trafficking networks, according to a report jointly produced by the Indian Police and several human rights organizations .

According to data from the National Human Rights Commission in India, more than 40,000 children are kidnapped each year, of which 11,000 are permanently disappearing.

Source: Pornhub

Do not blame the NGOs

These days we have read and heard in the media how some politicians in Italy, Spain and Brussels asked for more control over the NGOs and their awareness of serviporno so that they stop providing support on the high seas or on their arrival on European coasts to people who decide to sail at sea, fleeing the conflicts and famines in their countries of origin. They say that support becomes the ‘call effect’ of more immigration and / or refugees.

From my humble opinion, although it should not be ruled out that there are people who camouflage themselves in NGOs to take advantage of the situation and make cash with it, as happens in all sectors and trades, I believe that NGOs and the people who collaborate in them and Participate, whether in the field or through donations and financial contributions, do a great job that should be recognized and praised by all and deserve all the awards and recognitions.