Reactions against the murders in Barcelona

The taxi drivers in Barcelona turned up with the people who lived the attack on La Rambla. They did not charge those who took taxis near the attack. Cabify also offered its services free of charge throughout the day in Barcelona. Likewise, in the public transport network of the Catalan capital, passengers were not asked for tickets.

El porno español es solidario

Aunque pueda parecer que la industria pornográfica es banal y solo busca acumular riqueza, no es así. La pornografía española hace una labor social ayudando a todas aquellas personas que, por una razón o por otra, no tienen la posibilidad de llevar a cabo una vida sexual plena y placentera, de manera que tienen que recurrir a alternativas para que eso no les afecte negativamente en su día a día.

También hay enfermos que recurren al dr porno español para tratar sus adicciones o enfermedades, puesto que si se canaliza de manera correcta, los materiales eróticos pueden sentar muy bien e incluso sanar. Simplemente hay que darle una vuelta de tuerca y recurrir a las mejores páginas con este tipo de contenidos, ya que es cierto que no todo el monte es orégano y, como en cualquier sector, hay un poco de todo.

The problem of exploitation of minors

highlight human trafficking

More than 300,000 children are drugged, physically abused and forced to beg on the streets of India every day, victims of a million dollar industry controlled by human trafficking networks, according to a report jointly produced by the Indian Police and several human rights organizations .

According to data from the National Human Rights Commission in India, more than 40,000 children are kidnapped each year, of which 11,000 are permanently disappearing.

Source: Pornhub

Do not blame the NGOs

These days we have read and heard in the media how some politicians in Italy, Spain and Brussels asked for more control over the NGOs and their awareness of serviporno so that they stop providing support on the high seas or on their arrival on European coasts to people who decide to sail at sea, fleeing the conflicts and famines in their countries of origin. They say that support becomes the ‘call effect’ of more immigration and / or refugees.

From my humble opinion, although it should not be ruled out that there are people who camouflage themselves in NGOs to take advantage of the situation and make cash with it, as happens in all sectors and trades, I believe that NGOs and the people who collaborate in them and Participate, whether in the field or through donations and financial contributions, do a great job that should be recognized and praised by all and deserve all the awards and recognitions.