Not sharing with the poor is like stealing from them

Not all the money from tax havens, fortunately, has as dark an origin as others. But it is a clear injustice that those who have more pay less than those who have less. The capital market is global, we need some form of global governance. At the moment, the efforts of the G20 to avoid bank secrecy have not borne fruit. A high percentage of world wealth does not tax. Not even the European Union has a common list of tax havens.

Pope Francis quoted a few weeks ago a phrase of St. John Chrysostom: “not sharing the goods with the poor means robbing them.” The sentence is a rabid current when talking about tax evasion, because taxes help the poor to be less poor, to evade them is to steal the poor.

Porn and poverty: the case of Venezuela

The most recent statistics correspond to YouHub, a porn site that points out that each of four curious who peek up pornographic channels, is a woman. Although currently, women are still a minority, the web notes that the percentage is minimal and it is interesting to note that now women are not so shy and give vent to their imagination.

But it is also true that in terms of porn actresses, many Venezuelans who resort to this way of life come from environments with economic problems, so uqe becomes a way to earn money fast. In addition to checking that the webs are more women, the site was responsible for conducting a survey on the number of times you see porn in sir porno gratis. The final conclusions indicate that 18% of the 24 thousand women who participated, said they saw pornography daily; While 10% said they saw it more than once a day.