The impact of watching porn on you and your PC

One of the most common questions asked by people who frequently consume free pornographic content on the Internet and who do so through their computer, has to do with the possible problems or consequences of this activity, as much is said about it. Sex and religion is a marriage that is not perfectly understood, like Mia Khalifa would say. In that sense, pornography has traditionally been frowned upon, sinful, because it presents sexuality separately from the act of procreation.

However, it should also be noted that sometimes tends to exaggerate what may happen, in other words, although there is a risk that can not be denied with respect to the exposure of a team when visiting such sites, the reality is that in practical terms, there will be no inconvenience. We have to think that religion has evolved over centuries and that society is not the same as when Jesus Christ came to Earth. Can pornography be consumed with complete peace of mind? Do we have to protect ourselves in any way?

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