Do not blame the NGOs

These days we have read and heard in the media how some politicians in Italy, Spain and Brussels asked for more control over the NGOs and their awareness of serviporno so that they stop providing support on the high seas or on their arrival on European coasts to people who decide to sail at sea, fleeing the conflicts and famines in their countries of origin. They say that support becomes the ‘call effect’ of more immigration and / or refugees.

From my humble opinion, although it should not be ruled out that there are people who camouflage themselves in NGOs to take advantage of the situation and make cash with it, as happens in all sectors and trades, I believe that NGOs and the people who collaborate in them and Participate, whether in the field or through donations and financial contributions, do a great job that should be recognized and praised by all and deserve all the awards and recognitions.

Help can never be negative

We have heard or read many times testimonies from people who leave everything to get involved in helping people who need to provide some kind of support upon their arrival in our countries after a long and tiring journey, many of which fail to reach And drown in the sea. True control and awareness must be applied to the large armament industries and a severe control over the arms trade, which is the cause of the multiple warlike conflicts in the countries where the majority of refugees and immigrants come from.

Recall that the large volume of refugees from the Libyan coast. Recall also that Libya before the fall of Gaddafi was a country that received immigrants from many countries in Africa to work in that country. Recall also that NATO intervened in Libya to overthrow the Libyan dictator and now that country has gone from being one of the most stable countries in North Africa to being a failed country and where all kinds of bands and warlords and groups Terrorists. Therefore, we must demand from our politicians a little self-criticism and responsibility.

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