Reactions against the murders in Barcelona

The taxi drivers in Barcelona turned up with the people who lived the attack on La Rambla. They did not charge those who took taxis near the attack. Cabify also offered its services free of charge throughout the day in Barcelona. Likewise, in the public transport network of the Catalan capital, passengers were not asked for tickets.

Stores as shelter

Since the attack, have transcended many videos of security cameras of shops of La Rambla. In most of these scenes you see shop workers helping people rush in to find shelter. In FNAC, according to several witnesses on Twitter, they went a step further. Many other businesses took the same attitude. For example, the record store Revolver, on Tallers Street. Carles, one of the vendors, was the host. "When we had the shop full of people, we closed the blinds. We stayed close to two hours with them locked up. They were very nervous, a man vomited in the bathroom of the frightened that he was. To reassure them we put the radio to be informed and we drank water, "says Carles. In some restaurants food was given for free.

"The donation rooms of the main hospitals in Barcelona have been filled a few minutes after the tragic La Rambla attack, the Hospital Clínico, the Vall d'Hebron, the Sant Pau Hospital and others outside Barcelona. The Mutua de Terrassa hospital have extended the hours to attend to those who wanted to donate blood, "the Blood Bank said in a statement Thursday night.

In the face of the number of donors who came after the bombing on La Rambla, the Blood Bank specified that no more donations are needed for the next few days: "Blood is a biological element that expires. That is why we place people who want Donate blood to come over the next week to retrace the reserves. "

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