At least 30 killed people in Yemen due to bombing

Saudi Arabia carried out a bombing in Yemen that left at least 14 dead, including children, as part of its continuing attacks on the Arab country. The Saudi Arabian-led coalition admitted Saturday that it “mistakenly” carried out a bombing in Yemen that left at least 14 civilians dead. Saudi Arabia informed that during the bombing in the Yemeni capital, SanĂ¡, a “technical error” occurred, which they realized after carrying out an investigation. They also regretted the civilian casualties caused by the “accident involving no fault” and extended their condolences to the families of the deceased.

A costly technical error

At least 30 Yemenis, including civilians, were killed yesterday in air strikes in Sana’ a, the capital of a country where the alliance between former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Huthite Shi’ a rebels is breaking down. The Huti (pro-Iranians) were quick to accuse the Saudi Arabian-led coalition aviation of launching the attack and claimed that all victims are civilians. A head of an international humanitarian organization based in Sana’ a said that at least 30 Yemenis were killed in these attacks, including civilians.

The bombardments targeted several places in and around Sana’ a, and civilians are “displaced by the war among the dead,” he added. The head of the Red Crescent department in Sana’ a, Hussein al-Tawil, told reporters that at least 35 people were killed in one of these bombings, specifically in Arhab, a town at the northern exit of the capital. “We’ve sent six ambulances to Arhab and removed 35 bodies. We evacuated 13 wounded to three hospitals,”said the head of the organisation, whose organization is linked to the Huthite Shiite rebels who control the capital.

The source added that bodies remain blocked between the rubble. The Saba agency, under the control of the insurgents, reported 71 casualties, including dead and wounded, and attributed the bombing to the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which supports the refugee government in the south. The rebel television station Masira also blamed the attack on this coalition and reported about 30 dead. Several witnesses claimed that aerial bombardments took place in the capital, one of them against a house housing employees of a ranch dedicated to the cultivation of qat, a herb with highly consumed stimulant effects in the country.

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