Why the threats against pornstar Mia Khalifa?

Lebanon does not accept that Mia Khalifa has become one of the most popular stars of world pornography. The 21-year-old actress is one of the most threatened people in her home country. “Indigna and sexual object” are the mildest qualifications that the young woman has received through social networks like www.mrvideosdesexo.xxx/redtube/. Some insults have become death threats and are reaching levels of terrorist intent. Khalifa was born in Beirut, but is a resident of Miami, USA), where his parents emigrated 11 years ago.

Mia Khalifa rose to fame after becoming the most sought-after actress on the PornHub website. Its detractors and defenders have made it famous for “threatening” traditional taboos. The more conservative criticize her for the use of the hijab (Islamic veil that covers the face of women) when she acts in www.sirporno.xxx/xvideos-com/ while bragging about her tattoos in Arabic and her Lebanese origins, which many Internet users consider an offense for her country.

Against freedom

“Is there anything in the Middle East more worrisome than me? What if they start by looking for a president or fighting to contain the (Islamic Jihadist group) Islamic state?” Mia Khalifa criticized in her official Twitter account. Lebanon is known is considered the most “advanced” in the region. However, there are voices who criticize it for holding on to conservatism.

Sociologist Ugarit Yunan told Efe that the reactions in Lebanon highlight the existence of “a sick and violent society”. He considers that although the countries of the region like to “always be the first in everything, they will never be proud of taboo subjects such as sex.” Mia currently lives in Miami, came to the United States as a teenager with the goal of studying later at the University of Texas. Years later, the young woman decided to work in the porn industry, to what she dedicates when she is not in the football games of the Florida State Seminoles, equipment of which she considers unofficial mascot.

Censorship in Lebanon

The Economy portfolio is responsible for supervising a boycott of any business transaction related to that country. Meanwhile, the authorized distributor of Warner Bros Studios in Lebanon said that the premiere was scheduled in several cinemas in Beirut on Wednesday, however, all presentations of were canceled hours before the screening.

In Lebanon, laws have been in place for decades prohibiting the consumption and marketing of any product from Israel. Israel waged a month-long war with its Lebanese enemy Hezbollah in 2006, killing about 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers who fought inside Lebanon, and some 1,200 people on Lebanese territory, mostly civilians, by state military attacks Jewish.

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