Not sharing with the poor is like stealing from them

Not all the money from tax havens, fortunately, has as dark an origin as others. But it is a clear injustice that those who have more pay less than those who have less. The capital market is global, we need some form of global governance. At the moment, the efforts of the G20 to avoid bank secrecy have not borne fruit. A high percentage of world wealth does not tax. Not even the European Union has a common list of tax havens.

Pope Francis quoted a few weeks ago a phrase of St. John Chrysostom: “not sharing the goods with the poor means robbing them.” The sentence is a rabid current when talking about tax evasion, because taxes help the poor to be less poor, to evade them is to steal the poor.

The words of the Pope

Francisco said this morning that not sharing their own assets with the poor is to steal and take their lives, and explained that the great global financial crisis is due to the rejection of God that is “dangerous” for the rich because it constantly reminds them of their duty of solidarity and To return to ethics.

The Holy Father made these statements in his address to the new ambassadors to the Holy See of Kyrgyzstan, Bolot Iskovich Otunbaev; Of Antigua and Barbuda, David Shoul; Luxembourg, Jean-Paul Senninger and Botswana, Lameck Nthekela.

The Pope said that “humanity is living now as a curvature of its history, taking into account the advances in various areas. We praise the positive results that contribute to the true good of the human being, for example in the fields of health , Education and communication.However, it must also be acknowledged that most of the men and women of our time continue to live in precarious daily life with disastrous consequences. ”

Some pathologies increase with their psychological consequences, fear and despair seize the hearts of many people, even in the so-called rich countries, the joy of living decreases, indecency and violence are increasing, poverty becomes more evident We have to struggle to live and, often, to live in a way that is not worthy. “

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